Friday, 4 December 2009

With the lights out it's less dangerous

Is this the most un-Rock n Roll potentially Rock n Roll story ever told?

"Our bassist Tom went up later on in the night to the "VIP" backstage room to find a guy telling him the lights are off there. Tom not being afraid of the dark and slightly amused at the guys comments went into the room to find a boy on his knees "pleasuring" (orally) a lucky female on the sofa. Tom in a slightly shocked and aroused manner says" oh, hi guys, just getting my bass" which was right next to them.. the girl says "we should stop", dude replies "Nah, it's cool" tom grabs bass and says goodbye."

Not meaning to be sexist or owt but DJ/random band guy "pleasuring" the groupie.. what ever happened to eager to please female bandaids, raw meat, piles of blow and the odd bit of mindless destruction. Wonder who asked to turn the light off, and why didn't Tom join in?

Prior to this very middle class act of sexual gratification The Join the Dots Collective (our in house gang of musical lords) or JTDC as they will be known from here on in played their first proper gig on Saturday night at Beat Redemption in Bournmouth's old Fire Station.

Apparently they nearly died as part of a multiple pile up on the journey down, the car itself actually did die in the morning and in another Rock n Roll watershed moment just ripe for a Don Mclean, American Pie dedication, the AA were called out....

In keeping with the automotive theme Duffstep also played a live set, debuting material from his forthcoming album, that is receiving props from amongst others Mary Anne Hobbs and the 102eh gang in the brrm brrrm Engine room.

Lovely pictures and a Live mix can be located below..

collective: noun
/kəˈlek.tɪv/ n [C]
an organization or business which is owned and controlled by the people who work in it

Duffstep rather self indulgently recorded his own set that you can download



  1. like it, he probably booked her a cab and bought her roses too.

  2. that is pretty raw guys! come to think of it i remember going upstair and seeing two randomers walking out of the backstage room. they looked like absolute shameless skanks so probs the same people. Fucking fantastic GIG lads. JTD Collective are going to smash it!