Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Whats up your New Year's sleeve?

New Years Eve is always something of a pain in the arse... yes it is cliche'd but it is true. With Places like the O2 charging a to be honest; fucking ridiculous SEVENTY FIVE quid to get in and Fabric raping you for Forty notes, for the un-imaginative, un-informed or un-cool the seeing out of another 12 months of shattered dreams and broken promises can be an expensive, alienating and depressing excercise.

So instead of crowding in with the tourists, suburbanites and thise that wear their sunglasses at night into a souless box, listening to David Guetta hand pleasuring himslef becase "he's famous" apparently, just spend 11 quid and buy a ticket for the Electric Minds from HERE.

It's in a brilliant intimate venue, the normal 102EH?, LOOSE and Electric Minds crew will be joinded by young girls on the block Minkioni and Party starters extraordinaire Bad Passion Project.

Get involved...or GTFO

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