Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Historical Leanings

The wonderful DJhistory have a monthly podcast hosted by the walking encyclopedia of music that is Bill Brewster. It's funny and informative, much like the man himself.

There most recent one, which is number 54 includes our very own Loose fit.. Whooop indeed.

here is the full tracklisting

AFRIKANZ ON MARZ -The Road We Travel (Suspension)
RON BASEJAM - Is The Word (Ism)
PAUL WELLER - No Tears To Cry (LeoZero Mix) (Island)
BUMROCKS - Dysk Dżokej (Zambon Disco Edit)
BONOBO - Eyes Down (Floating Points Mix) (Ninja Tune)
DUCKBEATS & JET PROJECT - Ascension (Jet Project Club Rub)
CHINA BURTON - You Don't Care (About Our Love)
HUNGRY GHOSTS - Don't Eat the Apricots (International Feel)
POLLYESTER - German Love Letter (Permanent Vacation Mix)
LOOSE FIT - Chug (Join The Dots)

Download it here >

Friday, 5 March 2010

Tis Friday.. Tis time to unwind

If anyone is about in Shoreditch this evening then myself and Benoit will be playing at the lovely Unwind night at The Last Days of Decadence with Alex Arnout and a host of great residents.

Its free before 11 and a few quid afters.

Come down, get down, Hoe down...


Monday, 1 March 2010


It has been a few weeks now since we threw Loose Fit a record launch party. It was very very hot and busy and loud. In short it was pretty fucking ace actually. Coma smashed some proper techno, Loose Fit did their thing, slowed down vocals, disco, slamming house and dubstep flavours riddled their set that was also jam packed with free style vocals and original material and hand gestures.. twas a sight to behold.

On top of that a whole host of Join the Dots residents filled in the gaps between the big guns. Benoit and Namedrop - dropped african vibez and disco sleaze. Joe Jackson on warm up duties got the place so hot I was forced to smokle lots of fags outside and Donaghy whilst playing some utterly splendid music, confused everyone with the change of position.

We did record the set but despite managing to rig up (the following information may not be factually corect) 9 keyboards, 14 microphones, 3 drum machines, 4 turntables, 2 CDJ's and a bucket of beer, the recording came out sounding like when I used to hear my old man fart through the bathroom door when he was taking a piss. Not actually fart through the door mind, there was no holes but just the sound of the wind being passed when heard from the other side of the door?

Whilst we obviously mourned the loss of the recording of this timeless, never to be repeated moment in music history, we luckily have a pretty wonderful lil bootleg, mash-up rewind, re-imagination of Simon and Garfunkle's Mrs Robinson that was cooked up by Danny and Johnny (Loose Fit) to give away to you all for nowt.

Just sign up HERE and you can get the track for nada and you will also get info on our next party, releases, competitions and a whole heap of amazingthings ;)

Saturday, 20 February 2010

International bright young things

Berlin was and still is famous for techno, whether it be industrial or minimal, in Tresor or Berghain, gay or straight, Berlin and techno go hand in hand like Benoit and I across a dance floor!

This weekend myself and the diminutive Frenchman will be upping roots away from London's east end to ply our very own brand of non-techno orientated music at HottBoxx, a party in a basement in Berlin's artistic hinterland that is Kreuzberg.

Kreuzberg is in the old west German part of Berlin, it was the poor suburb that was squashed up against the wall. Since the wall came down it has developed as the creative hub of the city, paired with Mitte and Friedrichshain as the focal point of artistic endeavour that rings the Parlimentary and Governmental centre of the city.

As part of our little tour (one date does not a tour maketh) Berlin based musical information distributers Pulse radio have hosted a lil mix that myself and Benny Reich have done.

Listen and feel Berlinearic


Listen to Namedrop and Benoit on Pulse radio

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Our lil lady, the rose amongst the old gnarled thorns that is Join the Dots has put together a bit of mini mix - up.

You can hear her dolcit tones on our regular podcasts that can be found Here

In the meantime, get yourself a drink, remove your shirt (no matter whether you be man or lady)turn it up loud and pretend you are in Berghain... one tip though, going to the toilet will be less dangerous but also exceedingly less interesting

Download Lyness Mix Here >

Sebastian Russell- All The Wrong Loves [MBF]
Audion- Push [Ghostly International]
Samuel L Session- Big Bad Drum [Be As One]
Heartthrob- Slowdance [M-nus]
JPLS- Spooker [M_nus]
Tom Hades- You Should Have Stopped Me [MB Elektronics]
Dario Zenker- Belfort [Vakant]

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

More Mix Up Action

Right so I know it is February already (where did the time go.. insert tired cliches to support such an assertation)but as the Join the Dots massive is becoming, well massive we will be featuring a new mix on the blog each month, sometimes more than one from all the different members of our little gang.

First up is a January mix (this is where my point about it already being February comes in ;) from the almighty Duff Step, a man more prolific than Bill Clinton in a brothel.

These won't be replacing our podcasts, they are just a lil extra shimmy of sonic joy for you the loyal readers of this here internet based porthole of my passions.

download and enjoy!

Duffstep - January Mix
Mosca - Nike
Shut Up And Dance - Epileptic (Martyn's No Strobe Remix)
Scuba - When I Grow Up
Hyteal & Shortstuff - Ice Cream
Synkro - Come With Me
Von D - Berlin Call
Mosca - Square One
DJ Madd - I Know It's You
Von D - EchoLow
16 Bit - Jump
Synkro - Connected
Instra:Mental - Watching You
Sukh Knight - Chicken Curry

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Join The Dots 002 Release Party

Tonight Join the Dots are chucking a lil party for the release latest single at ? Bar in the so very organic/yogurt weaving enclave of Stoke Newington. The Loose fit boys who's singles Chug and Bolsena will be coming out very soon as part if a mega double EP. including a very baggy Greg Wilson mix will be playing along with a live set from Coma who we are flying in from Frankfurt and are makers of on the money "proper" house and Techo-ish music as well and 20:20 Vision stalwart Tom Taylor Plus JTDs residents

It's free all night and dancing, drinking and fun are all actively encouraged so maybe see you there?

It is only Saturday once a week...