Saturday, 20 June 2009

Outmode // Dark Journey - FREE SHIT.

It’s a tad intimidating writing the first post on a blog, I mean there are so many things to consider. You need to get the tone right, draw people in, yet not just ramble on and on about complete pony.

You need to be informative, but not dull. Funny but not up your arse regarding your immense arsenal of comedy weapons. There needs to be a point to what you are writing but then again it should read like you are catching up with a friend and not just imposing yourself upon people.

So the point of this is that apart from being the first post on our shiny happy new blog, Monday marks the date we pop our release cherry and shower you all in sonic love.

You can get the track exclusively at Juno Download for 2 weeks from the 22nd of June and from Beatport and Zero there on in. There are remixes courtesy of the Revenge and Toby Tobias too of the hottest "sizzling" producers of discerning discothèque music around, as well of course the original and two further remixes from Chroma Set and part of Outmode, the general and the inventor of Duffstep... Duff.

As an act of unprecedented generosity you can get a full 320 version of the second Revenge remix that we have decided not to release just below… consider it a musically flavoured offering.. ask any dealer the first one is always free...

The Revenge Remix - Unreleased Version (150 downloads available)

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