Sunday, 21 June 2009

Join The Dots at Glastonbury.

Whilst I am sitting on my sofa watching it with a cold beer in my hand, a dry cigarette in my mouth, wearing warm socks and feeling safe in the knowledge that I have a double bed and duvet awaiting my arrival in the next room the boys responsible for the first single on Join the Dots (available now from Juno Digital), Outmode (John, Duff and Joe) will be taking their Live shizz to the mother of all English festivals and famous Dionysian mud bath orgy that is Glastonbury.

They are playing live on the glade stage of Friday at 5pm. That night they will then be walking through a field in knee deep mud, trying not to contract Swine flu and trying to buy expensive no drug, drugs, while I will be on the sofa mentioned previously waiting for my first glimpse of Fearne Cotton...

Note; Unlike the Emirates stadium (spit!) the Glade stage does not get its name due to the fact it is sponsored by the air freshener company.

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