Friday, 17 July 2009

Always check under the stairs!

You know that scary cupboard under your stairs (please keep reading if you live in a bungalow or a flat, this post is not trying to alienate you), where most people would keep a Hoover or where my Nan keeps the beer and lemonade she never drinks which she saves for when I come round (it is always flat) to visit.

Why in haunted house films does this cupboard always signify something evil and unspeakable.?The plot usually revolves around at least one skimpily dressed fit girl, who like every character Tom Cruise plays has this unnerving tendency to run allot, she will also get her white vest wet at least once.

There will also be at least one very odd older man, usually with a strange wandering eye. He will end up being either A: some evil pervert, a conduit through which what ever it is which lies beneath the stairs can permeate the real world or B: He will appear to be the previous, yet turn out to actually be a kind hearted, wise old man who has been battling to keep this evil at bay for decades. He will still be a little bit pervy and either way he will die.

The point being that it is always under the stairs, The Haunting in Connecticut, under the stairs, The Orphanage under the stairs, The Burbs you guessed where they keep the furnace..?

Tonight I am playing alongside 102eh partner in crime Benoit as well as Electric Minds Owner Dolan Bergin and Loose resident Cred at a night creepily called "under the stairs"at 333. in Shoreditch. In the other room is Shitdisco, Robotwon and a special live guest.

I will be the very odd, pervy older man with a strange wandering eye.. !!

Oh and it’s free all night!

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