Thursday, 30 July 2009

Field Day.. and Night

Field Day has been a beast of mixed reputation the last few years. For everyone who proclaimed “Justice were fucking amazing” someone else said “the sound was shit and I pissed in my knickers because the queues for the toilets were longer than the M6”*

For the last couple of years it has had some of the best line ups seen since the opening of “the usual suspects” This year they have managed to persuade luminaries such as Aeroplane, Erol Alkan, Mogwai, Skream and Owen Pallet’s amazing one man violin show Final Fantasy to play music in a park in East London.

Now while all this sounds absolutely mint, the festival has also been followed around by tales of shit sound, not enough bars and just shit, in the form of there not being anywhere near enough toilets.

Organisers have promised everyone that these have all been addressed and despite any problems the festival has been most of the time allot of fun, especially when the sun is out. One entirely positive trend from previous years is that, what have been consistently good each year without fail is the after parties and this year nothing has changed on that front! There are a couple of “official” (expensive) after parties and a slew of “official unofficial” (less expensive) after parties and parties of all sorts springing up all over the place chomping at the bit to cram the gurning masses into there little slice of post park action.

At one of these Deep Down in Hackney myself and Ben noir are hosting the Junk Yard Disco room alongside Join the Dots remixer Toby Tobias and Urban Nerds and Step One. Its only five minutes walk from the festival sight and is in the amazing Wallis Art gallery and warehouse, its intimate but not tiny (500 capacity) and is on all night long. Room 1 has Kitsune stalwarts Joe and Will Aks playing Live alongside Tapedeck DJs, Warboy and newest Bastard Batty Bass resident Deboa. Basically it will be a belter.

Fun can be had for an extended period for a very small dose of silver crossing a palm.... Hit me up at Mark@jointhedotsmusic for £5 concessions and if you don't believe me then even teh freebie papers are picking up on this one

The London Paper - Best Five Feild Day After Parties

*These quotes although based on truth are actually made up by me.

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