Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A Kenneth Ba(N)ger

Kenneth Bager is apparently the go to guy if you wanna run a record label he is also Danish which other than being a somewhat appetising culinary treat is also the national language of Denmark a Scandinavian country where splendidly (if your a man or a lesbian) there is on average 2 lasses to every lad.

Our Kenneth has worked with musical luminaries such as Peter Gabriel and Michael Nyman and has somehow now morphed into Denmark's latest pop sensation following in the monstrous top 40 footsteps of Aqua and perveyor all things weekend orientated Whigfield and performed this year at legendary pop/rock festival Roskilde.

Duff has done a remix of his latest little number, it has been denied by the record label :( , they said it didn't reference the original enough... all the above is a bit pointless, except to highlight that even a man with a track record longer than Linford Christie's schlong is prone to misjudgement.

Get it here and make your own mind up.. should be played loud on a Saturday nightwhen the air is getting hot etc...

Download MP3

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