Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Mark 7 - Salute to the Men of Vauxhall

This Blog is supposed to be about all things Join The Dots, news of gigs, releases and edits/mixes we have done. However every so often something rears it little head that deserves to be shared with all and sundry and this funnily enough after all the aforementioned hyperbole is exactly one of those things.

Mark Seven is a bit of a dude, a DJ, record collector, owner of Juswax record store , lives in Sweden, looks a bit like a modern pirate and is the owner of some of the best, rarest and most original records around.

A mix by Mark is a pretty rare thing, he is somewhat secretive about the tracks he plays and hardly ever agrees to allow his sets to be recorded. His Slow Blow Mix was an underground bomb, blogged more than a Lindsey lohan crotch shot and mused over in the greatest of detail by internet nerds across the globe.

A few months back the very trendy people at Oki Ni released A Salute to the Men of Vauxhall a three CD Mix of Mark's recorded at Sunday night Disco institution Horse Meat Disco. It is three hours of upfront disco and Saint-esq. early morning sleaze.

There's a few hits in there Pointer Sisters - Automatic and Hall and Oates - I can't go for that but good luck on spotting more than a quarter of the tracklist!

It was released as a limited edition free CD with Mark's latest 12" Travelogue and is already selling for upto £80 on Discogs.

Now with Mark's permission for those who either were not quick enough to get their hands on a copy (ha ha I have one) or don't have the money to spend £80 on a copy (ha ha I have one) here is the entire mix in full to download.

enjoy, tis is very special indeed


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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  1. Great Mix, but I couldnt find one track from it. Do you mind sharing the tracklist from mix 2?