Wednesday, 30 September 2009


LOOSE are purveyors of fine electronic music a bit like an Emmanuel film; their parties are deep slow and banging but always with a hint of humour and accompanied by a cocktail served with a synthesised disco twist.

Normally little reviews like this now give a quick overview including a list of the DJ's they have booked other parties they have played at and venues they have used so inkeeping with etiquette LOOSE have Booked many Dj's, guested at many other parties and thrown Hoe-downs in a number of different venues. All have been good, none of them have been even approaching shit.

They have taken a little sojourn over the summer to change Venues,moving home from Platinum strip club to the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston, which is brilliant as its near my flat.

Tomorrow night they have a man with a funny name and big reputaion guesting. The funny named man is Mugwump. He is from Belgium and makes amazing music. He will be playing records at a loud volume to which it is expected you dance.

Cred Paul and Helen Run Loose, here is a mix from the male portion of the trio.

and here is a mix by Mugwump.

03 October - LOOSE @ BG's Niteclub

Mugwump (Misericord / Eskimo / Kompakt / Cocoon / Endless Flight)
Paul, Cred and Aitch
22:00 - 05:00 | £5 entry all night

BG's Niteclub, Shaklewell Arms
71 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, E8 2EB

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