Thursday, 5 November 2009

Arthur Russell Remix... Download and Dance

A bit of a bumper package today.

Flogging nights to readers aint really what this blog is about though it seems to have taken up a fair amount of "print"? recently. Saying all this I am going to hawk another night to you here, however with a special lil freebie added in for good measure.

Our friends at Electric minds have in their Go Bang project that drops on Monday, put together one of the most exciting albums of the year.

Arthur Russell for those not in the know was something of a disco pioneer, releasing his own tracks, producing for Loose Joints, dating Alan Ginsberg as well as being a classically trained Cellist, he managed to escape his home town roots in deepest darkest Iowa to collaborate with the likes of David Byrne and Nicky Siano

Go Bang features a host of reworks as well as tracks recorded from scratch by artist such as Yam Who, Pocketknife and Faze Action. There is also a host of remixes available from Ilija Rudman, Mark E and Max Essa.

The in-store Album Launch party is on Monday whilst the big bad full-on, rave-up disco-fused, house-orientated, party is on Friday the 27th of November, Tickets can be purchased in advance and there will be a whole host of Djs and artists connected with the album there as well as the mighty Maurice Fulton, Severino from Horse Meat Disco, Lowlifes Bill Brewster and a trio of some of East London's finest Party starters LOOSE, Cosmic Truth and 102EH?.

phew... anyway as promised here is the link to the Ray Burst mix of Get around to it.. something of a banger actually.


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