Saturday, 20 February 2010

International bright young things

Berlin was and still is famous for techno, whether it be industrial or minimal, in Tresor or Berghain, gay or straight, Berlin and techno go hand in hand like Benoit and I across a dance floor!

This weekend myself and the diminutive Frenchman will be upping roots away from London's east end to ply our very own brand of non-techno orientated music at HottBoxx, a party in a basement in Berlin's artistic hinterland that is Kreuzberg.

Kreuzberg is in the old west German part of Berlin, it was the poor suburb that was squashed up against the wall. Since the wall came down it has developed as the creative hub of the city, paired with Mitte and Friedrichshain as the focal point of artistic endeavour that rings the Parlimentary and Governmental centre of the city.

As part of our little tour (one date does not a tour maketh) Berlin based musical information distributers Pulse radio have hosted a lil mix that myself and Benny Reich have done.

Listen and feel Berlinearic


Listen to Namedrop and Benoit on Pulse radio

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