Monday, 1 March 2010


It has been a few weeks now since we threw Loose Fit a record launch party. It was very very hot and busy and loud. In short it was pretty fucking ace actually. Coma smashed some proper techno, Loose Fit did their thing, slowed down vocals, disco, slamming house and dubstep flavours riddled their set that was also jam packed with free style vocals and original material and hand gestures.. twas a sight to behold.

On top of that a whole host of Join the Dots residents filled in the gaps between the big guns. Benoit and Namedrop - dropped african vibez and disco sleaze. Joe Jackson on warm up duties got the place so hot I was forced to smokle lots of fags outside and Donaghy whilst playing some utterly splendid music, confused everyone with the change of position.

We did record the set but despite managing to rig up (the following information may not be factually corect) 9 keyboards, 14 microphones, 3 drum machines, 4 turntables, 2 CDJ's and a bucket of beer, the recording came out sounding like when I used to hear my old man fart through the bathroom door when he was taking a piss. Not actually fart through the door mind, there was no holes but just the sound of the wind being passed when heard from the other side of the door?

Whilst we obviously mourned the loss of the recording of this timeless, never to be repeated moment in music history, we luckily have a pretty wonderful lil bootleg, mash-up rewind, re-imagination of Simon and Garfunkle's Mrs Robinson that was cooked up by Danny and Johnny (Loose Fit) to give away to you all for nowt.

Just sign up HERE and you can get the track for nada and you will also get info on our next party, releases, competitions and a whole heap of amazingthings ;)

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